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Frustrated with Current Staffing?

You've likely experienced the void in the job placement market. With roughly 80 percent of all large organizations using recruiting services, the demand for qualified resources is extraordinarily high — and the supply limited. Even worse, there's often a serious disconnect between the level of expertise that employers need and the experience level of the resources they receive from traditional staffing companies.

Given the inequality between supply and demand, many staffing companies get away with lousy service. Some even go so far as to hire inexperienced resources and then attempt to train them using online courses before placing them with employers who require - and deserve - far more extensive expertise and experience.

It's not just employers who suffer. Highly qualified resources with years of experience are lumped together with new graduates and recent trainees. They often miss out on the hottest jobs as a result. The nuances of their advanced skills are unrecognized and undervalued.

WeboJobs changes that.


Our platform cuts out the inexperienced middleman. It is a social (but your privacy remains in your control)
job-matching service for job seekers and the companies that need their expertise.


With our FREE platform, job seekers can:

  • Log in with existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ credentials
  • Upload and manage multiple resumes
  • Search for jobs by keyword, job role, expertise, city, and other criteria
  • Apply for jobs using LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, or one-click email
  • Follow companies
  • Interact with employers/recruiters using our messaging system
  • Control who sees their resumes


With our platform, employers/recruiters can:

  • Post job openings
  • Search for candidates by skill, job role, keyword, location, and other criteria
  • Interact with candidates using our messaging system
  • Receive assistance in finding the perfect candidate for their job openings (available FREE for a limited time)


With our FREE platform, job seekers can:

  • Post additional job openings
  • Share job openings on OUR social media sites
  • Promote jobs on YOUR social media sites
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Upgrade/downgrade package to best meet current needs
  • Quick search resumes (Platinum)
  • Add resumes to favorites (Platinum)
Why WeboJobs?

Our free job-matching platform is easy-to-use, growing rapidly, and ready to match the best resources with the right jobs. We are staffed by actual consultants who step in to help when needed and then get out of the way once introductions have been made.

If you've been frustrated with the status quo, you'll love WeboJobs! Sign up for a free account today and experience a better way to approach jobs.

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